Monday, January 2, 2012


New Year"s Eve Scrap Bash Winners!

Thank you to all of you for joining me to ring out 2011 and welcome quickly the year passed!! Thank you so much to Barrie & Carol of Scrapadabadoo for all their support and hard work! I also wish to thank Kathryn of The Scrap Beach for joining us this year on New Year's Day. Please thank our amazing sponsors listed on the right side bar for their generous contributions of prizes by liking them on Facebook and supporting them this year.

Below is the list of the names announced on air during the New Year's Eve Scrap Bash. A list of names and prizes announced by Barrie & Carol of Scrapadabadoo can be found on their blog: Scrapadabadoo Blog.

If your name is listed below without an asterick (*), please email me at with the mailing address where you want your prize shipped.( If you have an asterick, I already have your address.

If your name has a double asterick (**), you have won the pattern of your choice from those currently on my web site or a future pattern if you prefer. Please email me at with the name of the pattern you wish to receive and it will be sent to you electronically.

1. Lynda Hayashi*
2. Abby Henderson
3. Linda Pok**
4. Barbara Pfleger*
5. Debb Reid*
6. Margaret Ann Moffat*
7. Kenna Taylor*
8. Twyla Roddy*
9. Jennie Hall*
10. Judi Neptune*
11. Terri Gilger**
12. Shorna Richards*
13. Lois Skiathitis*
14. Jennifer Chadwick*
15. Heather Carter*
16. Carolyn Carter
17. Jacqueline Jung*
18. Maureen DuFour*
19. Laura Cummings*
20. Daisy Vilela*
21. Cheryl Dizmang*
22. Jennifer Williams*
23. Kathleen Vayianos*
24. Nicole Harper*
25. Janet Haxby*
26. Mary Werner*
27. Dianne Denhem
28. Cindy Jacobs*
29. Sharlene Wale*
30. Linda Rice*
31. Sherry Nicholas*
32. Madey Lim
33. Annette Alexander*
34. Liz Bernstein*
35. Ella Conner*
36. Pamela Davis*
37. Becky Handforth*
38. Gail Martinez*
39. Janet King*
40. Debra Renwick**
41. Monica Roca
42. Karen Silva*
43. Dacia Lewis*
44. Steven Macari*
45. Gail Ryan*
46. Gerriann Armstrong*
47. Brandi Drewry
48. Lori Barker*
49. Glynis Arndt*
50. Yvonne Gitchel**
51. Melinda Winbush*
52. Catherine Fenwick Abrew*
53. June Marie Body*
54. Jamie Tenenhouse*
55. Nancy Mayer*
56. Keeta Rupp*
57. Debbie Russes*
58. Natalie Laney*
59. Ann Marie Cholewinski*
60. Amie Marreel
61. Trisha Hamilton
62. Cheryle Weeden
63. Linda Woolsey*
64. Melanie Thompson*
65. Krystal O'Neill
66. Wendy Lockhart*
67. Virginia Proefrock
68. Monica Carlton*
69. Holly Pettengill*
70. Peggy Frank
71. Kim Pargeter*
72. Nicole Jones**
73. Peggy Sauvager
74. Jo Gerot*
75. Katie Hand
76. Ida Peters
77. Mary Nell Johnson*
78. Debbie Kromka
79. Margaret Layton*
80. Katie Condon
81. Linda Briggs
82. Nancy Wanser*
83. LaVonne Pfeiler*
84. Jan Romanski
85. Teresa Beardslee*
86. Haley Gilmore**
87. Neppie Hay
88. Marie Bowdoin*
89. Xochitl Montano*
90. Debbie Franz**
91. Trine Rudstaden*
92. Estelle Howe
93. Betty Beatty
94. Karen Keene*
95. Debi Galloway*
96. Terry Sampson*
97. Muriel Charlonne*
98. Jackie Moore*
99. Mariana Chung
100. Nicole Haydon
101. Suzanne Shinji*
102. Jolene Kulp
103. Char Huffman*
104. Mary Pat Yosuico*
105. Gabby Jimenez**
106. Lory Behrens
107. Rose King**
108. Linda Roehl*
109. Maryanne Taylor*
110. Sarah Miller**
111. Beth White*
112. Amy Yoder
113. Melaine Smith
114. Courtney Alfred
115. Alicia Cross
116. Norma Edith Aguilar*
117. Kimi Lyon*
118. Eileen Dean
119. Nancy Shafter
120. Adrienne Gray
121. Beth Pollock
122. Leida Reyes
123. Cindy Wolf
124. Raquel Dismuke
125. Lora Kendrick
126. Diane Harper
127. Judith King*
128. Cynthia Taylor
129. sandy jones
130. Trina Talbot*
131. Roberta Schenkel*
132. Beth Gerber*
133. Alexandra Rosa
134. Shanon De Gouveia*
135. Cindi Warren

We will be continuing the Stepping forward Mini Album on my regularly scheduled Wednesday show at Noon Pacific time. I look forward to seeing you then!


New Year's Day Hangover Party Winners!

Happy New Year and thank you all SO MUCH for joining us during the New Year's Eve and New Year's Day parties! I had a blast both days and I was very excited to be able to participate in this event this year. A HUGE THANK YOU to Laura Denison of Following the Paper Trail, and Barrie & Carol of Scrapadabadoo not only for inviting me to host this year, but also for all their hard work in making this event so special.

Please thank our lovely sponsors listed on the right side bar for their generous contributions of prizes by liking them on Facebook and supporting them this year. Clicking on their blinkies in the right side bar will take you to their Facebook pages where you can like them and/or leave a comment thanking them for everything they donated to this event.

Below please find a list of the names and prizes I announced on air during the New Year's Day Hangover Party. A list of prizes announced by Barrie & Carol of Scrapadabadoo can be found on their blog: Scrapadabadoo Blog.

If your name is listed below, please email me (Kathryn) at with the mailing address where you want your prize shipped.

1. Carol Gurganus
Basic Grey Capella Card Kit
18. Zak Shaw
QuicKutz Cookie Cutter 3-pack
34. Debbie Knight
Ranger Seasonal Distress Inks (Winter)
2. Robin Carpenter
QuicKutz "Jolly" Dies
19. Meg Guerrant
My Mind's Eye "Lush" Kit
35. Dawn Edwards
Craf-T Chalks
3. Crystal Biby
QuicKutz "Jolly" Dies
20. Leisa Herbst
Scor-Buddy + Scor-Tape Bundle
36. Francine Pethtel
Martha Stewart Heart Loops Punch
4. Nevena Gineva
Spellbinders Holiday Cheer Dies
21. Barbara Felder
Basic Grey "Sweet Threads" Card Kit
37. Rachel Andres
Martha Stewart Beaded Arcs Punch
5. Kim Dylewicz
Sizzix Die + Stamp Set
22. Sue Kerr
Simple Stories "Happy" Collection
38. Martha Yeater
Martha Stewart Footlights Punch
6. Eileen Hall
Sizzix Primitive Stars Die
23. Jill Wroblewski
Bo Bunny "Zoology" Kit
39. Connie Janzen
Sizzix Garden Trellis Die
7. Samantha Elliot
Martha Stewart Scroll Heart Punch
24a. Rosa Villanueva
Bo Bunny Bag + Travel Kit
40. Melanie Parrish
Sizzix Angel Wings Die
8. Susie O'Connor
QuicKutz Cookie Cutter 3-pack
24b. Kim Davis
Bo Bunny Bag + Garden Girl Kit
41. Jill Garvey
Sizzix Sewing Room Die
9. Irene Middlemiss
QuicKutz Cookie Cutter 3-pack
25. Amanda Blount
Bo Bunny Bag + Sweetness Kit
42. Tricia Dunstan
Sizzix Tattered Leaves Die
10. Macy Kwok
QuicKutz Cookie Cutter 3-pack
26. Denice Metz
Bo Bunny Bag + Sweetness Kit
43. Barbara Young
Sizzix Weathered Clock Die
11. Fran Smith
EK Success Pumpkin Flourish Punch
27. Elmer Jones
Bo Bunny Garden Girl Kit
44. Vanessa Ingraham
AccuCut Window Album
12. Annie Picard
1/4" Scor-Tape 2-pack
28. Karla Frazier
Bo Bunny Blitzen Kit
45. Gillian Purser
AccuCut Window Album
13. Sheila Moss
1/4" Scor-Tape 2-pack
29. Patricia Ojeda
Bo Bunny Welcome Home Kit
46. Adriana Ortiz
AccuCut Window Album
14. Mariana Brulja
1/4" Scor-Tape 2-pack
30. Amy Brennan
Tonic Petal Pairs Punch
47. Kimberley Obrock
Basic Grey Lemonade Card Kit
15. Gina Janoher
1/4" Scor-Tape 2-pack
31. Hilda Landowski
Adhesive Bundle
48. Nikki Dowlman
Basic Grey/Sizzix Die+Folder Kit
16. Carolyn Bussey
1/4" Scor-Tape 2-pack
32. Susana Cortez
Adhesive Bundle
49. Linda Metteer
Martha Stewart Glitter Glue
17. Wilko Wennekes
QuicKutz Cookie Cutter 3-pack
33. Mary Hunniford
Ranger Seasonal Distress Inks (Fall)
50. Bricia Swanson
Scotch Advanced Tape Glider by 3M

Please join me during my regularly scheduled USTREAM shows on Thursdays at 2:00 PM Eastern USA time and 9:00 PM Eastern USA time. This week we'll be finishing up the calendar we started during the New Year's Day Hangover Party, so I hope you'll be able to join us!

Thank you again!

~Kathryn :D

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

If You Missed the RSVP Deadline ...

... there's still a chance for you to win something great in 2012!

In the interest of fairness, this year we used a third party system to take the rsvp's for the bash and to draw the names for the New Year's prize winners. We had to enter a closing date and time when we set up the entry form. Now that the deadline has passed, the entry form is closed to new entries. We aren't able to add new names for the drawing into that third party system. We cannot take any new entries for the New Year's Bash.

HOWEVER, all is not lost! Kathryn from Kathryn Scraps is having an online scrap party during the 2012 Super Bowl over on her USTREAM channel. There will be laughing, scrapping, challenges AND PRIZES, so join her for Scrappy Bowl 2012 during the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 5th for a chance to win some goodies.

Hope to see you there!

Friday, December 23, 2011

2012 New Year's Eve Bash RSVP

This post is where you RSVP to the 2012 New Year's Eve/New Year's Day Bash and will always be the first post on this blog. To see more recent posts regarding schedules, prizes and sponsors, please look below.

It's that time of year again! 2012 is right around the corner, and so is the Second Annual New Year's Eve Bash, hosted by Laura Denison of Following the Paper Trail and Carol & Barrie of Scrapadabadoo! This year we'll also be adding a second show. New in 2012 is our First Annual New Year's Day Hangover Party, hosted by Kathryn Krieger of Kathryn Scraps and Carol & Barrie of Scrapadabadoo! This year there are additional prizes and sponsors from our friends in the crafting community. Check out the sidebar on the right for all the manufacturers who have generously contributed to making this event a success.

The New Year's Eve party starts on Saturday, December 31st at 8:00 PM Pacific USA time on Laura's USTREAM Channel: Following the Paper Trail.

The Hangover party starts on Sunday, January 1st at Noon Pacific USA time on Kathryn's USTREAM Channel: Kathryn Scraps.

To RSVP for these events, and to be entered to win one of our many fabulous prizes, please read the instructions below CAREFULLY! You must RSVP below BEFORE 11:59 PM Pacific USA time on Friday, December 23rd to be eligible to win one of these fabulous prizes. Completing the below form will enter you to win prizes from both the New Year's Eve and New Year's Day events. Limit one entry per person.